Get Back Beatles Tribute - Embarrassing Beatles Tribute at Meadobrook

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Just saw the Get Back Beatlemania tribute at Meadobrook in Rochester Hills Michigan.What an absolute *** show and waste of money.

I watch many Beatles tributes and this one sucked the most. No doubt. I tried to always have an open mind and to cheer on a group but since I am a big Beatles fan I couldn't believe how inaccurate they were and their sound was dreadful. You would think that Meadowbrook would know what they were getting when they hired this promoter or act.

So, the Get Back Beatles tribute will totally disappoint you.Try the Toppermost Beatles tribute,

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Hey Toppermost fan/member,

I was there too, and enjoyed GetBack!Cast of Beatlemania immensely, along with the other 5000+ paying audience, as evidenced by three standing ovations and six encores.

Sounds like a lame attempt at self-promotion, Toppermost. If you want to perform in a AAA venue such as Meadow Brook, you should practice. I also heard Toppermost.

They aren't ready for the VFW gig.You'll never get to the Toppermost by spitting up swill from the Bottommost.

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